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Tuesday 15 December 2009

Parliament question on Broadsword article!

Question Raised on 14 Dec 09. Lok Sabha (Oral Answer)

Q No 3847: LCA Tejas

Question by




Will the Minister of DEFENCE be pleased to state:

(a) Whether the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) of DRDO has assured to deliver indigenous Kaveri- Snecma engine for Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas in a time-bound manner;

(b) If so, the details thereof;

(c) Whether the Government has also requested two leading aero engine manufacturers, General Electric (US) and Eurojet (Germany) to submit their bids for supply of 99 engines; and

(d) If so, the response of these companies in this regard?


  1. because your earlier article is very ambigiuos.........we dont know which engine would power LCA either kaveri or EJ200 or GE.

    can make out if its good news or bad news...

  2. first your agni article went across the border and gave a ripple and now your words have gone to Babuusss in Parliament .

    Good work.

    I feel you have caught the pulse of higher level people

    but amateur like me want to hear something about Lsp3 or kaveri( pass or fail in Russia).

    you were once so generous to give us those updates; now it seems you have got double promotion as a very high level strategic analyst based on your recent articles that created a name for you and now you are focusing more one strategic issues.

  3. i think GE will win by default being combat proven, low maintenance, good FOB ability, all weather and terrain functionality,working relationship with HAL, no need for lots of developmental work, will take less time and is cheaper. By the time LCA-mk-2 is cleared for export the 90 KN Kaveri should be ready which allows us to export to any potential buyer. As long as we keep the GE powered versions to ourselves, then US shouln't have any problem. Besides the 98kn+ engine should allow for some real ballistic performance for the LCA mk-2. Boeing is offering the SH, P-8I already ordered, they are showcasing the C-17, even the incredible 737 awacs wedgetail is being showcased to us, they will take part in the new refuelers bidding process and if they offer the KC-777, they will win, Chinook is a better option than the ageing mi-26 and Apaches are far better than rest in the attack helo deal. With so many bids for Boeing, buying the SH will make lots of sense because they will have gr8 interoperability.

    US buys are not very expensive and the FMS route is far less corrupt than the normal govt deals with other vendors. I am sure we will get full-tot for the GE engine if we buy the SH as well for the mrca, coz the only difference is that the SH's engine will have more thrust but will give gr8 commonality.

  4. From where did u get the information u posted in ur earlier ambigious article...........was it your hypothetical analysis or from the anonymous source in MOD......

  5. :woot:
    Too bad I cannot file a RTI on Kaveri.

  6. Anonymous 09:16:

    I will give you those updates about a programme when I travel to where the programme is under way. I'm sure you don't want second-hand information.

    Anonymous 17:14:

    Which article are you reading? The one I wrote has the Minister of State for Defence speaking on the record. While there were also many anonymous sources feeding into that story, when the concerned minister speaks, where is the doubt??


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