A detailed look at the Car Nicobar class Water Jet Fast Attack Craft (WJ-FAC), being produced at GRSE Kolkata - Broadsword by Ajai Shukla - Strategy. Economics. Defence.

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Thursday 20 August 2009

A detailed look at the Car Nicobar class Water Jet Fast Attack Craft (WJ-FAC), being produced at GRSE Kolkata

(Photos: courtesy Ajai Shukla)
Photo 1 : A view of the INS Cheriyam WJ-FAC from front and left.

Photo 2 : The yard plate in the bridge of the INS Cheriyam

Photo 3 : Inside the bridge on the INS Cheriyam

Photo 4 : A view of the three water jets on the INS Kondul

Photo 5 : A close up of the water jets on the INS Kondul

Photo 6 : The gun controls for the CRN 91 cannon, and the spring-mounted gyro in the bridge

Photo 7 : A look at the 2800 Kilowatt MTU engine, three of which power the Car Nicobar class WJ-FAC


  1. ajai. is the captain's chair a mock up or what he will ultimately sit on. Very interesting!!!

  2. I like your detailed posts and usually find myself eagerly looking forward to more. But I can't help but wonder if posting all these details including pictures can be a security breach?

  3. Hi Ajay,
    I suppose INS Cheriyam is new ship procured by Indian navy. But the interiors looks so shabby, very disappointing work by GRSE. These shipyards should learn from private shipyards, just because Indian Navy has no option but these corrupt babu infected shipyards doesn't mean IN deserve better ships. These shipyards should be either privatized and private Indian companies should be allowed to build warships. As of now these shipyards sound more like junkyards....just look at the crappy work on the floor in Captain's cabin.

  4. The work must not have been completed, today they handed over a tug to Oman way ahead of the scheduled date. The govt enterprises are no more the same old story. Privatization is a big no but there can be private participation in the defense sector.

  5. The problem seems to be with private industries rather than GRSE. The build time of these ships are real fast.

  6. god, no built quality looks horrible. and the captains chair, that HAS to be a joke!!!

  7. Regarding Floors: Pls notice that the actual floors are covered with plastic sheets on top of which lie the plywood sheets. Hence it looks shabby. The actual floors would be better. We hope !

    Ergonomics: Pathetic ergonomics. Whoever designed the ship's ergonomics was atleast 60 years old. The Captain's chair in the Bridge is so pathetic. Imagine sitting in a plastic chair going through a hurricane. Hope the captain has strong bones!

  8. Can't believe in today's day and age you could have an interior like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Bangladesh could do better. and, this Yard will make the new P17A frigates....................

  9. The work is not completed and it's an incomplete ship. Have patience till the work is complete.

  10. lol ajai!!wtf is that? a chair on a platform for the captain... with wheels? looks so shabby... crap no wonder IN doesn't want it

  11. ...and a silly looking made in china wall fan on the side... can't they put air cons? dont india have capability for that? just call in Onida or Voltas for the job!!

  12. ...and a silly looking made in china wall fan on the side... can't they put air cons? dont india have capability for that? just call in Onida or Voltas for the job!!

    without AC you will cooked up in iron box. it will be there.

  13. And GRSE has just bid for the Navy's latest P 17A frigates. The ones which will cost > 1 Billion dollars each.

    Hell even if you put in $2 Billions per ship, GRSE's build quality will remain the same. They seem to have a Hi-Fi designing lab, but outside of the airconditioned lab, the reality is as ugly as the finish of this ship.

    That captain's chair was no doubt bought from the Khidderpore chor bazaar in a hurry.

    Bhagwaan hi bachayey is desh ko.

  14. That captain's chair is straight out of Star-trek.
    Beam me up Scotty.

  15. not withstanding the covered floor boards, the interiors look very very shabby!! The gyro is bolted onto a wood plank??? haven't they heard of rack mounting equipment and modular construction!!!!

    This is supposed to be a new boat and it already shows signs of rusting!!!

  16. Garden Reach's level is making rusting fishing trawlers for fishing on the Hoogley. Or one of those rusting ferries that ply from Howrah to Fairly.
    This ship can't be for the Indian Navy. Shame on Garden Reach for such a shabby example of ship-building.
    The problem is, that the welders and the workers are CPI goons, the management are helpless to tame the working staff or control them in any manner. It is an inefficient communist loving yard. Every major navy ship that has been built here has been delayed, its cost went up to nearly two times, and the build quality was shoddy to say the least. And this is supposed to be one of India's three big ship building yards!

    Even small nations like S korea, Singapore and now UAE (Dubai) have much larger yards than India, those are equipped with modern equipment, and in the case of Dubai, employ mostly Indian workers and welders (Some of these built the U-209 subs at mazgaon). The workers in Dubai do really fine work, guess when the same workers work in India, they indulge in politics more than work.

  17. Garden reach is area is heavily infested by Bangladeshi illegals which include several thousand ISI sympathizers

  18. Indeed the entire Khidderpur to Garden Reach area is a hotbed of illeagal Bangladeshi immigrants. That slum is so large and cavornous, that the police don't even dare to enter the gullies in there. The CPI goons and the Bangladeshi and local hoodlums run the show there.

    Bang in the middle of this area sits the Kolkata port and the Garden Reach shipbuilders. One has to ask oneself, if this area is really safe for a destroyer for the Indian Navy to be built? Given all the issues relating to secrecy and safety of the vessel and the tech involved?

    The Communists of Bengal are known Chinese sympathizers, and the bangladeshi immigrants and the local hoodlums are in some ways amenable to motivation by the ISI.


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