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Saturday 7 February 2009

The King is dead.... long live the King!

HAL, Bangalore
8th Feb 09

(pictures copyright: Ajai Shukla)

To the left is a photograph of the first Tejas (TD-1) being prepared for burial. All essential and salvageable parts are being recovered from the (now somewhat battered) aircraft, before it moves to its final resting place in some museum or headquarters.

But as the earlier LCAs retire, more are on the way! The second photograph (above, right) shows the fuselage jig in a hangar in HAL on which the first components of LSP-7 have started being assembled. Incidentally, LSP-6 is in an advanced stage of assembly.


  1. Good to have to back Ajai.

    We truly missed THE only true defense journalist in India.

  2. The TD_1 definitely deserves a place i the Museum and not in front of any Headquarters

  3. Welcome back Ajay... How was Arunachal Pradesh? What did you learn out there?

  4. if LSP-6 is in advanced stages then whats the status of LSP 4 and 5?

    And do you have updates on radar integration?

    i know lots of questions but i cant help it :)


  5. Will give you updates on all the LSPs... including pics. Watch this space.

    Lots to learn in Arunachal. The most amazing --- and lovely --- place in India. I have a full book's worth of stuff and I will ask you to hold your fire for now and read it when it is out later this year.

  6. As I see this first tejas, I can't but help thinking of the man who named it Tejas, and who's currently fighting for his life.

    Really hope that HAL refurbishes TD-1 and places it respectfully in a museum for it is the pioneer of the new breed.

  7. How come TD-1 is retired so soon ?? hardly 8yrs since its first flight.

    why is it being retired
    1. structural reasons ?
    2. ??
    3. ?

  8. TD-1 was developed to prove the concept (phase-1 LCA program) and FCS was the most important test-point. Also if i am correct, TD-1 didn't had open architecture(eradicating any scope for upgradation).

    I think maturation of FCS and inability to help in advanced testing may have caused the retirement of TD-1.

    Ajai sir: Its great to see you home. Hope you will not go on vacation again.

  9. Ajai sir: There is one more LCA(painted in yellow) in lower pic(TD-1's pic) whose right wing is visible. Can you name it?

  10. ajai ji, wasn't the TD-1 given a coat of grey camo paint ,couple of yrs ago....i have even seen it flying with the grey camo...what happened to it? btw,the museum already has a Tejas (the first dummy,used for roll out in '95)
    and will the Tejas project undergo crash tests...almost all major a/c projects do out of the first five prototypes is subjected to a controlled crash for collecting further data on the survivability of parts.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. hi,

    (this is smith)

    we should have a military museum on the lines of the "Chinese Military History Museum" which is located on the western side of Beijing.

  13. Sir!

    Hats off to you for posting this picture. Hats off to TD1 as it has opened many doors in indian air space.

    Please post latest pictures of LSP3 & PV5 and when they will be touching skies for the first time. I think PV5 has be best scope in LCA series both within IAF & in export market.


  14. Hi Ajai,
    Good to see you back. Hope your year long sojourn in the north east of the country was good.


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