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Saturday 16 February 2008

Pictures from Defexpo 08: Nag Missile

This was my first view of the Nag missile... other than the test firing videos that I ran on my story on NDTV in January.

Note the BMP-2 based Nag Missile Carrier... the NAMICA.



  1. It looks like a sleek missile. With eight tubes on the NAMICA.. awsome fire power. Also looks something like the Patriot sys.

  2. Ok kudos to the DRDO...that is clearly an IR seeker behind that bubble up front..can make out the filtering effect..
    Also, the production quality is top notch..the fit and finish of the missile is just like the Israeli/ French babies we were used to..good job..these small things matter..

    The Nag carrier behind looks pretty rough at first glance..but thats solid engineering..note the hydraulics for raising the launcher...and the actuated covers for the Nag eight can see the control wires..

    This carrier looks like it can get the job done..and thats whats required..

    Ajai any idea of how many the ARMY will buy?

  3. please dont click the above link... its spam.

    Great pics Ajaiji, hungry for more...

    I've sent u a mail, like before. Thanks


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