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Saturday 8 November 2014

The 16th and last Tejas prototype makes its first flight

The 16th prototype of the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) ---  classified as prototype vehicle number 6, or PV-6 --- made its first flight on Saturday, November 8th.

The aim of the flight, according to the defence ministry, "was to check the twin cockpit functionality, which is similar to series production two-seater aircraft". This is the final prototype before beginning series production.

According to the ministry, "All systems functioned as expected during the 36 minute flight."

PV-6, which is the second two-seater Tejas built, is capable of delivering all the air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons that the Indian Air Force (IAF) has specified for Final Operational Clearance.

The aircraft was piloted by Group Captain Vivart Singh and Group Captain Anoop Kabadwal.


  1. what about LSP-6 the plane with spin chute to test high AoA ? That should be the last prototype. No ?

  2. LSP-6 may be mk2 or FOC variant.

  3. now build a lot of these beauties and hand them over to IAF. And there is no time to delay the Tejas mark 2 . Mark 2 to have stealth design, internal weapons bay and longer range will be an advantage.


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