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Tuesday 24 December 2013

Season's Greetings!

To all my long-suffering readers, who take the trouble to visit Broadsword and plough through my efforts...


Meanwhile, I remain at my keyboard to give you an evaluation of the design, operational utility and manufacturing prospects of the Tejas light combat aircraft. Watch this space...


  1. Sir aap ko aur aap ki team ko bi hardik badhaiyaan. Happy Christmas and Happy New year

  2. Merry Christmas and a Hapyy New Year Ajay.


  3. Seasons greetings to you too Ajai.
    Looking forward to your insight on the Tejas journey. Do keep us updated on the Vikramaditya too. Mighty concerned on state of army artillery also.

  4. Wish you the same Colonel,I appreciate the efforts of yours and your friends in the blogging world which keeps me updated when Iam away from the country

  5. Mr Shukla,

    Merry Christmas to you and family.

    Hope you write a good one.


  6. No Diwali Greetings! Looks like the Christmas greetings message came straight out of the Boeing PR desk. Merry Christmas, nevertheless.

  7. @ Anonymous 19:06

    You've just highlighted what an uncouth, ill-bred yob you are.

    Have a great year fill with more such revelations of your true self.

  8. @ Manish Kumar

    Wish I had a team! In fact, there's just me and my faithful dog Kaalu who lies beside my writing table.

  9. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

    To all.

    Now we know "Anonymous" has a name. If I read it write, it is Anuraag.

  10. Thank you and same to you.

  11. Ajay, Merry Xmas!!! Wish u happy new year ...your blog is good give balanced and rationale opinion...enjoy
    Hope to see more ,


  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  13. Best wishes to you too.
    There is pleasure in some suffering too!

  14. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and very happy new year! Best wishes,Shubham

  15. @Ajai sir

    I am not a pilot but have gone through lots of material on LCA, this is my idea

    There is no point in inducting a under powered under armed BHARI(overweight) LCA mk1 into squadron operational service, and all work on it should stop once IOC1/2 or FOC1/2 (hope not) is complete

    Instead focus should be on developing,operationalizing Tejas mk2 which will be more powerful, slim, fully armed jet (total 200 nos.)

    IAF should use Tejas mk1 as LIFT (Lead In Fighter Trainer)

    My assertion is that using Tejas mk1 as LIFT will allow IAF to faster induct pilots. It will also help increasing the life of IAF jets, with operational conversions
    being done on Tejas mk1.

    It must be remembered that some jets in IAF are single seater (Jagaur, Mig, Rafale)and their twin seaters are trainers (pilot in front and trainer at back) whereas some jets are twin seaters (Su30mki, FGFA, PAKFA)with pilot in front and WSO at back.

    Any pilot flying a single seater will have to do conversion training on operational Su30mki, FGFA, PAKFA jets to fly them, it will mean removing some of these jets from operational duty and putting them for training . this will result in in more wear and tear in the jets that are expected to be inducted in more numbers in future.

    With single seat jets and their trainers along with 2 seat jet with pilot and WSO to be in IAF in equal numbers in future we need a common platform for both types.

    If Tejas mk1 is used as LIFT the life of the jets like Su30mki, FGFA, PAKFA will get a boost as they will be available for more operational duties.

    Training can be done with:-
    Stage 1 - PC7mk2
    Stage 2 - either divided in more powerful PC7mk2 and AJT Hawk or only by AJT Hawk
    Stage 3 - either divided in AJT Hawk and Tejas LIFT or only by Tejas LIFT

    as for production efforts should be made to outsource as many part making activities to private companies with HAL mainly a assembler/integrator


    Joydeep Ghosh

  16. Wish you a very happy new year Ajai sir...

    Tanuj, Noida

  17. Ajai,
    Aapko bhi naye varsh ki shubhkamnaian.

    Some 4-year old has excellent taste in colour(or is it Sonia?)!

  18. Seasons Greetings to you and the family, sir!
    Regards as always

  19. A very Merry Christmas to you Ajai Sir and may the new year help you bring us more well researched articles. Here's wishing all the readers of this blog and all our soldiers, sailors and airmen a very successful and a joyous new year.

    Also Sir, I don't mind being a part of your team :-)!!

  20. Dear Col Shukla,
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and Happy New Year as well!! Your blog gives a balanced and rational view on matters pertaining to Defence although it is slightly tinged with your biases towards Armoured Corps and all things American.You might be aware that a large no of mid level and young officers follow yours and Maj Navdip's blog closely to keep themselves updated.Regards

  21. Happy new year to you. Please keep us updated fast on vikramaditya home coming and other defence related stories. Where is this carrier now?

  22. How long are you gonna write? Are you writing a blog post or some Ramayana!!!!.

    Finish it and post. dear...

  23. @ 11:51

    Finished it long ago, dear. But it is 1200 words... and so Business Standard needs a suitably quiet day to publish it.

    Probably tomorrow morning.

    But don't hold your breath.

  24. going... no where... ready... 2014... sharper knives.... criticize...

  25. Dear Ajay,

    First of all let me wish you a very Happy New Year. I really enjoy reading your work.

    Although I do get the feeling sometime you are aligned towards American hardware ( I don't despise the Americans and the weapons they make, they make really good stuff). I am not sure if the F-35 is suited to our national interests.

    It would be a pleasure to meet you if you are ever passing through Singapore for a coffee.

    Best regards,



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