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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Nirbhay cruise missile launched, DRDO calls it a partial success

DRDO Press Release: Long range cruise missile Nirbhay was successfully launched at 1150 hrs from launch complex, Chandipur, Odisha,  meeting the basic mission objectives successfully.  After travelling approximately mid-way, deviations were observed from its intended course.  Further, flight was terminated to ensure coastal safety.


  1. The test is a complete failure admitted by quota system passouts defence scientists of DRDO...Immediately ask the scientists involved with this programme to return the salary(taxpayers money) they have taken home for these 6 years which is the time that has been taken to launch the missile.

  2. after an year... got a rusty rudder... got stuck...

  3. sir...wake up and smell the coffee

  4. Oh! It perhaps went astray.

  5. Ajai,

    Successfully "launched". The flight failed.

  6. Dear ajai, reports r coming from local media that the test has been failed

  7. At least the termination procedure worked ;-)

  8. did the chinese... trawlers... listening post... hacked the comm... or did... the rusty... rudder did in... ???...

  9. Well Dr Saraswat has openly said that indegenisation would be in " spiral mode', wherein Mark 1 would be produced and should be accepted (read enforced upon it) and then mark 4 will eventually roll out. Now that nirbhay is PARTIALLY successful ( meaning anything from being fired to it lifting off) DRDO will stop IA.IAF,IN from procuring missiles from abroad under one pretext or the other including emotional atyachar of indegenisation to rolling out of " corruption" to the media and thus stalling up gradation and then arm twist the IA,IAF, IN to take in Mark1 Nirbhay, after all under the concept of spiral improvement , Mark1 is deemed fit for a lift off!!!

    And of course the IAS-Politico, DRDO,HAL nexus will shift the blame of failing to protectg the country onto the COAS/CAS, when India is attacked with up to date armament from terrorist organization let alone bangladesh and India can only retaliate with ww2 bombs or its young pilots die as the IAF has a void due to the cheating of DRDO/HAL for decades.

    The civil society has realised that DRDO/HAL's claim should be taken with a mountain of salt and have proved to be the biggest drain on India.

  10. Guys who are engaging in self-flagellation: give it a break. Your mentality reflects a lack of self-respect. Nirbhay is very complex missile system and success during the first launch would have been an exception rather than the rule. Ask yourself a question: if your son/daughter misses the first ball in cricket, would you label him a failure? I certainly hope not.

    Your attitude is precisely why we are forever dependent on foreign arms. Self reliance will not come without struggles, failures and patience to plod ahead when the going gets tough

    Think of the positives that came out of this "failed" launch:

    a) Launcher works
    b) Booster works
    c) Wing deployment works
    d) Sustainer works
    e) Telemetry works
    f) Self-destruct works
    g) A new organization within DRDO (ADE) is now competent enough to design a complex missile system. This has hitherto been possible only by DRDL - Hyderabad

    Rest assured: the problems will be analyzed and fixed. We will see a Nirbhay successful launch within the next few months. This missile will be a winner

    As an aside, ponder over something else: how many missile launch failures do you hear from China?

  11. @Prem Kumar: If my son/daughter misses the first ball, I will not label him a failure but if he gets clean bowled, the world will. What is this nonsense partial success that is being talked about? A Nirbhay fitted with nuclear bomb and targeted at Karachi launched from Delhi and lands at Chandigarh cannot be described a success. I am a die hard fan of indigenization but that will not come through the 'brilliant' PSU's and DRDO. Get the corporate private sector involved and support them wholeheartedly and see the difference in 3-5 years...Unfortunately, no one will, including armed forces will do that because this nexus between politicians/babus/armed forces/middlemen/DRDO/PSU's run much deeper than what has surfaced.....

    We don't hear about failures from Chinese side because they don't want to advertise their failures to their own population because it will be self-destructive to their non-democratic system but to be honest, they have advanced much more than us in all facets of indigenization than us and we always prefer to hide our failures under the context of 'we are democratic, they are undemocratic' theory....Democracy does not teach you how to become 'incompetent'....ll

  12. It is not the fact that it is a failure that make people laugh, but the fact that DRDO tried to mask it into partial success story.

  13. @ Prem Kumar
    on your " Ask yourself a question: if your son/daughter misses the first ball in cricket, would you label him a failure? "

    Well the first ball was balled decades ago. The question is not of failure or success, ISRO has also had failures. The question is here of cheating, lying to such an extent that the overall security scenario has been pushed BACKWARDS for decades, catch up itself due to DRDO/HALS cheating will take a decade.

    Lets take for example Kaveri, its failure was not an issue, but it ether takes a talent of a babu( baboon) or is in self interest to not see and thus acknowledge a failure and continue to lie/cheat that all is well, ussurp money for upgradation with the pretext that success is next door and not let the armed forces equipment be upgraded but create a scenario where it gets outdated.
    Tke the example of a trainer the IAF has been shouting and predicted its need in the 70's. DRDO/HAL came forward, good, coulodnt do it for 2 problem, ( i wonder in the age of reverse engineering and experience of building planes how it couldnt roll one out) but then to stp the iAF to procure one under the emotional blackmail of indegenisation whish has turned up to be a big lie, it got pilots killed, the IAF had to strategise and use a fighter a/c as a trainer, paid with attrition rate, got its asssets killed, got not only the plabe but the manufacturer a bad name, and also the iAF a bad name. In any other country DRDO/HAL would have faced a suit of murder due to criminal negligence.
    Same with INSAS rifles, arjun tank and many many other except for green houses and toilets in siachen and food packets.

    The fooling, the cheating and the porcedure to not only acknowledge a failure to sort thins out but to package a faliyre as a sucess that amounts to getting people killed, and puting a stop to up gradation is the problem.

    The tournament is over, the field is empty, the trophy taken, the damage done, and instead of waking up, fooling people that the game is on and is being won by DRDO is the fault.

    Infact DRDO/HAL are a bane on indegenisation as Indian talent is far much better and loyal and due to their example the tax payers are scared of the word

  14. The author says "Successful launch" .. doesn't say "Successful test"

  15. If it completed half of its journey as claimed, then how come it fell over land as seen in the pictures?...It should have fell somewhere in Bay of Bengal!.


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