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Tuesday 17 July 2012

The Indian Navy's second P8I Poseidon's inaugural flight

According to a Boeing press release, the second P8I Poseidon multi-mission maritime aircraft (MMA) has completed its first flight on 12th July. The aircraft (pictured here) took off from Renton Field, outside Seattle, Washington, at 3.29 p.m. and landed two hours and fourteen minutes later at Boeing Field in Seattle.

As visitors to this blog would know, the Poseidon is the latest long range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft that is being inducted simultaneously into the US and Indian Navies. Built on the Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 commercial platform, and equipped with the latest suite of maritime sensors and weapons, eight of these aircraft have been ordered by the Indian Navy. It is very likely that a follow-on order will be placed once the first eight are satisfactorily delivered and tried.

According to Boeing, the test flight was conducted by a Boeing team, which took the aircraft to an altitude of 41,000 feet and conducted airborne checks. Mission systems installation and checkout work on the aircraft will be conducted in the coming weeks.


  1. They seem fast when it comes to contract to first flight. Of course this is based on a well established airframe so issues with supplies of parts etc has been resolved for a long time. But it's still faster than some of our other suppliers (at least in my opinion).

  2. Poseidon is name granted to American Navy Version...for India it will be something else..

  3. Poseidon is name granted to American Navy Version...for India it will be something else..

  4. Air Frame Looks Good and these will definately enhance Indian Navy's capability to detect and engage(if needed)latest silent submarines in the vast Indian Ocean,BOB and Arabian Sea.

    Now question is..

    1.Where these Indian P-8I stand in terms of Technologies/Sensors and capability..compared to those of US Navy's own P-8A? Are these Indian P-8I's,the same versions or downgraded versions compared to US's P-8A's?

    2.Secondly..can these Indian P-8Is detect all Ultra Silent next gen subs like US's Ohio Class SSBN / SSGN Submarine.Russia'a Borei Class Subs,US's future SSBN-X follow-on submarines etc ? I doubt..these planes will not be so detect these advanced subs,I mentioned above.

    3.I believe these P-8I can record signatures of Indian Arihant class SSBN's.Is there any chance by which US technicians can get those electronic signatures while doing End User Verification or Service of sensors/equipments ??

  5. @Anon 18th July 13:49: for india the name is Neptune.


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