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Saturday 3 March 2012

MoD announces the next Indian Army chief: Lieutenant General Bikram Singh

The MoD's press release, issued at 6 p.m. on Saturday, is pasted below

Lt Gen Bikram Singh will be the next Chief of Army Staff

New Delhi: Phalguna 13, 1933
Friday, March 03, 2012

The Eastern Army Commander, Lt Gen Bikram Singh, PVSM,UYSM,AVSM,SM,VSM,ADC has been designated as the next Chief of Army Staff, in the rank of General, with effect from the afternoon of 31 May 2012. He will succeed the present COAS, General VK Singh, PVSM,AVSM,YSM,ADC, who retires from the service on 31 May 2012.

Lt Gen Bikram Singh was commissioned into the Sikh Light Infantry Regiment on 31 March 1972.

During his long and distinguished career, spanning nearly 40 years, he has served in a variety of Command and Staff appointments. He has commanded a Corps in the Northern Command. The General had served as Deputy Force Commander of a multi-nation UN Peace Keeping Mission in Congo. He had also served as UN Observer in Nicaragua and El Salvador during the early 90s.

Lt Gen Bikram Singh has studied with distinction at the Defence Services Staff College, the Army War College and the US Army War College, Pennsylvania. He has also done M.Phil in Defence Management from the Indore University.

He is a recipient of PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM and VSM Awards. He is also one of the Honorary ADCs of the President of India.

He is married to Mrs Surjeet Kaur, housewife and the couple have two sons.


  1. Great news. Welcome sir to our new Army family head.

  2. Hi Ajay,

    this is irrelavent to the post ,but may be useful otherwise..

    With the balochistan issue being raised in US and died down too, Pak is lying low on kashmir for now. Will it be useful to likeen kishmir issue to balochistan , not officailly off course.. it will put break on pak forever

    If we invite baloch leaders for interviews on indian tv , it would shown as Indian support for balochs and ISI will go after them in this cover.

    we should invite kashire hardlines, geelani or second rung on NDTV or other ones, hv some one like arundati roy(yeah she supported kashmiris) and ask questions like

    1) does the baloch issue slowing down pak support and gradually reducing abandon it.

    2) Does baloch issue is similar to kashmir issue? ( arundati roy shud be made to say yes to this,channel manage it for discussion and she will most likely choose it otherwise too) .. ask this question to kashmire separatists tooo????

    3) kashmir leaders say yes.. pak would be fuming. If no, push it like, you dont want similar aspirations of baloch , who are rich with resources and exploited by pak and killed by pak?? if pak with draws from balochistan , with resources and meager population . they would be like rich arabs,not hv to work and live with benefits(yeah back with stats)

    4) Would balochistan and kashmir form a united front at international level,will it help both people( yeah just ask)

    5) after a day a senior offical from govt will call it crap and give it credibility

    6) Use your or some one contacts on international press.. comeup with article.. pakistan and Indian pain in insurgency .. kahmir and balochistan .. beat it

    it would be better if you or someone comeup with articles ,befinits of baloch people if they are a independent nation .. yeah push such articles on international level.. how they are exploited etc

    we shud shut the door on pak permanently and tie them down with no options.

    with US and Russia and favourable international atmosphere for India. India should push this real hard. Anyway kashir is not going anywhere,just tie pak to baloch issue. educate baloch people... make compelling articles like

    1) pak pushing people in to balochistan to change demogrephics..

    2) right for land and rights like , none of the other regions can buy land in balochistan to alleviate those problems(( rest baloch leaders will pick slowly).

    3) police all from baloch locals

    4) No mass immigration from pak etc

    5) Own economy too..thier mines and resources are ecomony will be fed in to thier state only ... only a part is paid to 2% is paid to pak for nationalist issues( army etc..

    yeah propose and tie pak ... rake up the issue.... you journos can do it...

    pls spend some time on these issues to cash on it and encourage other reporters too .. nice charts articles etc..

    you ppl are busy with other stuff and arms lobbyists too ,which is logical.. pls push this issue, unless I am completely wrong..


  3. Is one of his sons married to a Pakistani lady?

  4. MMS succeds in communalizing the decision and JJ Singhs succession plan bears fruit. A shame.

  5. A Skih always prefer a Sikh :| ..

  6. sir ,
    His Date of commissioning is being referred to as 31 march..does it means he is from OTA ?
    as IMA courses pass out only in june & dec.

  7. anyone bothered to check his dob?

  8. With reference to the earlier comment on if Gen Singh is ex-OTA or ex-IMA... I tried looking for him on NDA alumni site and couldn't find any BIKRAM SINGH other than one in the 15th NDA course... comments?


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