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Monday 26 July 2010

DRDO successfully tests anti-ballistic missile system

A Prithvi missile being launched as a target (right) and the AAD missile being launched (left) to shoot it down.

The MoD's press release after today's interceptor test is pasted below:


New Delhi: Shravana 04, 1932
July 26, 2010

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), today successfully conducted fourth consecutive Interceptor Missile test in Endo atmospheric regime at 15 Km altitude off ITR, Chandipur, Orissa. The single stage Interceptor Missile fitted with Directional Warhead and other advanced systems neutralized the target.

The target ballistic ‘enemy’ missile was launched from Launch Complex – III, ITR Chandipur. The Interceptor Missile fitted with directional warhead was launched from Wheeler Island and destroyed the Target Missile breaking it into fragments. This was tracked by various Radars and sensors. All weapon system elements including Command and Control, Communication and Radar performed satisfactorily.

The Interceptor Flight Test was witnessed by Dr. VK Saraswat, Secretary (Defence, R&D), Shri Avinash Chandar, Director, Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), Hyderabad, Dr. K. Shekhar, Chief Controller, DRDO, Shri VLN Rao, Programme Director, Shri SK Ray, Director, Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, Shri P Venugopalan, Director, Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), Hyderabad, Shri SP Dash, Director ITR and Users representatives’ Air Marshal PK Barbora, Vice Chief of Air Staff and Maj Gen VK Saxena, ADG, Army Air Defence, Indian Army.

The Defence Minister Shri AK Antony spoke to DRDO Chief Dr VK Sarswat over phone and congratulated the scientists for today’s successful test.


  1. Most excellent congratulations to the entire team and hurrah to indian defence technology.

  2. Dear Ajai Shukla,
    What is ur age???
    U seem to be too old in the below photo; but still have the stamina to fight against the enemies of India.

    Great spirit.

  3. Congratulations to DRDO and others...

  4. Hi Ajay, thats great news, but unfortunately I have some not-so-great news for you. Don't know if you are already aware of it but it appears your article on the Astra missile dated 19-10-2009 has been plagiarized in part on the blog "Mighty India Power" on the same day. Heres the direct link-


    As you can see your article has been copied word for word from the fourth para onwards and theres no attribution.
    Thought I'd point it out.


  5. This missile will be soon blacklisted by Shri AK Antony.

  6. Anthony will not be blacklisting it. But the Patriot lobby will try hard to ensure that AAD is not selected and the patriot is purchased by India. The real patriots will work hard to ensure that AAD enters service as soon as possible and it's mass production begins. When we see the PDV's successfull test, we can see the U.S pitch in with their THAAD systems. It seems already they are offering it to kill the PDV. Anyway the India's ballistic missile defence is going to be based on the AAD and PDV. Also the AAD need to be provided with the capability to track cruise missile and we can even dump the LRSAM project completely and mass produce AAD's that will take care of both short range ballistic missile as well as cruise missile defence and the PDV taking care of Medium and ICBM threats. When the PDV gets tested and deployed. It's improved version may also need to be developed like PDV-1, PDV-2, PDV-3 etc over a period of time. Similarly AAD's can also be improved by making it shorter and better or any other improvements that can be made and can be done in batches. The services must ensure quick deployment as these systems are top quality systems and don't wait for some foreign systems to be imported to make $. Any corrupt element found to be indulging in such an acts need to be punished severely. All the best to the DRDO team and the services for deploying such advance system.

  7. Dear Ajai Shukla,
    What is ur age???

    Age for a General !

    and / or

    for a sound journalist !

  8. we should kill off people who want to sabotage our programs for the sake of imported items. they are traitors! someone take a gun and shoot them for f***s sakes! if i had a gun, i would

  9. blah blah.. do you think enemy going to send one missile? They will fire 10-20 or more missiles at once.. mix of ballistic,cruise with some simply decoys! how will AAD/PAD perform??? If they commission the system based on current type of tests then we are doomed!!

  10. Listen this is just for publicity to make indians feels good and keeps the job safe at dodo. What i would like to know is does this system react the same way as when i throw a punch at an indian? i.e very slow.

    Now imagine a shaheen/gauri II coming down at you (delhi) carrying a mega tonne platinum warhead with 3 decoys. What you going to do, rely on this?

    And now imagine this is happening at 60 other cities/places too....

    Throw in the Baburs and Raads coming in with 350-500kg warheads each....

    You going to rely on these?

    No, the option of war which these tests try to imply is simply not there for indians.

  11. i dont think we indians are idiots , this is just a beginning of things to come, all u pakis some time in the future all your 2nd hand missiles saheens and baburs are going to be duds . and all u critics out there about this program with the megre budget these are far superior to some western counterparts when compared to the prices .
    the success of the program lies in the cost effectiveness of the system .if we develop systems with pricess comparable to paki ballistic missiles then they would hav no alternatives

    congratulations DRDO ............

  12. @ Anon 29 JULY 2010 17:35..

    platinum warhead with 3 decoys...??Platinum,,,?? rofl..

  13. take it with ton of salt!

  14. lol platinum,,,


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