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Tuesday 1 June 2010

Visiting HAL, Bangalore, for a couple of days... any specific questions?

Please don't write stuff like: What is the latest position on LCA?

I mean specific questions!


  1. ask them when they are going to stop burning out tax money.

  2. Please post updates On
    +LCA : Test Firing of guided munitions ( both air and ground )
    + Weaponized Dhruv : Weapon test firing status , Is it already inducted
    + Dhruv : Sales order , any impact due to Ecuador crash
    + LCH : When is weapon firing planned ,
    + HTT-40 : what is the Progress

  3. Are they planning on sticking to the LCA's wing shape with the AMCA?

  4. Lucky you :) if possible, do grace us with some wallpaper-worthy / weaponized images of LCA…

    As per my queries, not sure if this info is already in the public domain, but here it goes:

    1] Wondering if your sources at HAL may reveal the 'scope' of Indian involvement in the FGFA?

    2] Are any 3rd parties involved on the Indian side (like Israeli and French assistance with SU30MKI)

    Thanks and really appreciate your commitment towards your readers!


  5. When is LCH td-2 flying?

  6. Thanks for giving this opportunity. Here are my questions- 1) what is the current production rate of Su30MKI and ALH? 2) what new helicopter tech has HAL developed since ALH, there was talk of bearing less main rotar, ducted tail rotar, noise suppression etc. Or is our tech frozen for 20 years? 3) how many Jaguars are to get DAIRN3?

  7. specific questions:

    1: How log before a helicopter captive carry and test fire for the nag form the LCH?

    2: How many Su-30's can be expected to join the armed forces this year?

    3: Is there a concerted effort to push the ALH into the international civilian market? If so when could we see major export orders from foreign parties.

  8. Dear Mr. Shukla,
    It is always a pleasure and very informative to read your blog posts. As you are visiting HAL Bangalore, we would like to know about the status of collaborations with Snecma for Kaveri and the Mayavi EW suit. These questions may seem irrelevant but people out here are more curious about the status of these two projects.

  9. Q1.

    For the passenger version of the MTA , how efficient the design is,

    can it compete well with Chinese and other regional jets in international market.


    Any hope of reviving AJT after sitara project completion

    Q3. most importantly ,where are we at selecting engine for LCA

  10. 1. What are the major differences b/w lca tejas Mk-1 & Mk-2?

    2. when will be tejas Mk-2 be rolled out?

    3. Since HAL has shown capability by designing & development of dhruv,lch & loh; has it contributed to design of tejas Mk-2?

    4.Does HAL have plans to design & develop any UCAV?

  11. are they aiming for kaveri engine to power later versions of lca and in what time frame?

    will the lca mark 2 carry an AESA? does HAL has an indigenous programme ?

    has design work of AMCA finished? what is the year they are targeting for the first flight?

    there is a media report that 40 MKI will be upgraded with new radar and mission computer etc. what sort of radar will that be? will the rest of the indigenous MKIs have these improvements too?

    what is the engine that powers rustom UAV?

  12. Please try to find out about the engine options for LUH and the current status of development

  13. Ajai,

    Could you please ask them what their engine division is doing all these years? did they get the full tot for russian engine? after all these years spent in the exp of aircraft making they still cant make a engine for HTT-40 trainer.

  14. Has the LCA project suffered due to HAL's eagerness to field its on products sooner?

  15. Dear Sir,
    Is HAL taking too many projects? LCH, LCA, ALH, HJT-36 Sitara, .....Cont. Should HAL set up another manufacturing plant in order to accommodate these projects and to stick to timely delivery of these hardware?

  16. q1. What is the revised deadline for naval LCA?

    q2. What is the revised deadline for normal LCA? or it is going as per plan.

    q3. If the LCA is going as per plan, has HAL started to think about the 'manufacturing" of LCA and its compoenents. Will private industry be atlast allowed a pie out of this?

    q3. Similarly. quality systems and quality assurance will be in place for manufacturing or HAL is planning to manufacture and supply a sub standard product like their bevee of former products like HAL Dhruv, Marut (old plane)etc?

  17. Ajai sir

    HAL Bangalore is known for fixed wing aircraft and helicopter manufacture/overhaul. My querries are in this context

    Q1 HAL Bangalore takes 4/6 months to manufacture/overhaul a fixed wing aircraft. Is it a problem with staff shortage or its inability to snchronize itself with changes in technology.

    remember long time back I told you why cant HAL copy or reverse engineer tech like China. That time you said 'First we need to know how to make a car' or something like that. Now ArVM PK Barbopra has also called for reverse engineering technology

    Q2 When indigenous content of aircraft (LCA has nearly 60%) is in short supply, Why HAL shies away from bringing in retired technocrats on contract from western, former russian republics.

    Q3 Heard HAL Bangalore has just one production line for each helo, if true why

    Q4 There were reports of wind tunnel coming up at Bangalore, anything new on that.

    P.S - Ajai sir it seems you overlooked my corrections to your reply to @A TaxPayer and @Anonymous 09:05 in the C17 topic. Dont whether I m correct or you are

  18. My specific queston-

    Is HAL planning anything on this new category of business jets called "VLJ" or very light jets?
    Do they even know about VLJs?


    We all know that IAF has purchase a fleet of 6 Embraer Legacy planes. Thats fine and these were needed. No problem here.

    But using these 18 seater Legacy aircraft will be inefficient if used to fly just 1 or 2 passengers who are "lesser VIPs".

    Take a long term view.....Does it not make sense for IAF to induct smaller capacity business jets- say with 4 seat or 8 seat capacity versions.

    For the records, the PAF has recently inducted 4 such VLJs (Embraer Phenom 100s). Sure their needs are different, they are a smaller country.....I know that.

    But ponder over this....Having a mix of smaller business jets along with the larger Legacys...kind of makes sense.

    Is the IAF thinking about this?
    If not, would HAL like to propose this to the IAF?

    The IAF could be HAL's launch customer. Just as planned for the Saras...HAL could pursue DGCA certification, followed by FAA certification.

    And such a VLJ business jet might have far more "exportability" to a global civil market.... than a "slow moving" turboprop like the SARAS.

    NAL SARAS- 5 mill US$ (projected).
    Embraer VLJ Phenom 100- 4 mill US$
    Cessna VLJ Mustang- 2 mill US$

    The SARAS's saving grace- it is a 14 seater. But do we need this capacity?

    For sometime I am beginning to think the global market for the SARAS is not as huge as we imagine....but the domesitc market is! Only the IAF and Navy (imagine the numbers of Indian Dornier DO-228s that need to be replaced). So this is basically a captive market, and no competition will only lead to a sub-standard plane.

    Witness the sterling performance of LCA and potentialy of the LCH. HAL/ADA know that anything "sub standard" will "not be accepted" by the IAF "for combat roles". But the SARAS is "not for combat roles", so maybe R&D is relaxed.

    Elaborating on this impromptu term "lesser VIPs" -

    I am not talking about a visiting Queen of Thailand, or visiting Chief of Israili Army (for them the IAF Legacy is fine!). By "lesser VIPs", I mean local area commanders of the IAF/Indian Army/BSF/etc., or some ISRO/DRDO sceintist needing to be brought to Delhi for a urgent meeting, from their laboratories far away.....hope you get the picture.

    Enjoy your visit.

  19. off course:-

    1. More info details on MMR radar

    2. More info on changes projected for LCA mark-2

    3. Details on UCAV?

    4. Whether Rustom will have a heavier turboprop version

    5. Time schedule of Rustom UAV

  20. Hello Sir , I am a regular reader of your excellent column.
    My query or rather concern is whether HAL is moving along with MOD in the direction of researching and producing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
    In the next 10-20 years the world will move rapidly towards robot enabled network warfare. Hopefully the government gets it and does not waste time buying 500 fighter jets for HAL to maintain

    Many Thanks and All the best for your visit

  21. also i noticed that the unguided rockets used for the demonstrator were hydra 70 rocket pods, which other systems of this nature could be adapted to this platform. How many rounds for the nexter 20mm gun are present on board. finally for the interim period before the nag is certified for helicopters, which atgm will be used.

  22. Q. Which version of R-77 will newly produced Sukhois be getting RVV-AE or R-77SD ??

  23. Ajai,
    Can you find out when will the fully indigenous fifth generation aircraft be ready for its first flight? What are all its key features? Which all parts will be Made in India.

  24. Does LCA will allowed/planned to carry only russian AAM or western weapons.

    LCA mk2 MM radar as per performance (equal to elta 2032 or 2052 and range )

    Hal is so much taking time for selecting itself(engine) why they maintain this Mr.Late fantasy every time - does this is their policy .

  25. Ajai sir

    have you seen INS Arihant pic on Livefist by Shiv Aroor. Some are saying its more than 6000 tons, is it true

  26. Yeah, a few actually :

    1. Now that the IJT is a success, does the HAL intend to develop a truly modern AJT/Light Attack Aircraft like the Yak-130 capable of providing quality training for 4.5 and 5th generation fighters, to increase the level of indigenisation in the IAF, thereby reducing foreign dependence on such a critical platform.

    ( No offence meant to the venerable BAe Hawk, but the last time I heard, it's licensed production had gone into a tailspin!!)

    2. When is the Light Utility Helicopter and the Indo-Russian MRTA expected to make their respective maiden flights?

  27. Lots of questions here Sir-



    1. How many airframes for the 20 aircraft to be delivered to the IAF are currently in fabrication/production?

    2. When is the first delivery to the IAF expected? What will be the size of the batch(eg. 4 aircraft)?


    3. What the MMR radar's composition? I.e. how much of it has been taken from the Elta EL/M-2032.

    4. Is the Elta EL/M-2052 AESA is still an option for the Mk1? What is the IAF's view on the issue?


    5. The R-73 missile has been trialled on the Tejas. Will the R-77 also go through trials?

    6. There were rumors about the Python-5 being integrated. Any truth to them?


    7. What variant of the F414 is GE pitching for the Mk2? Is it the uprated EDE variant(as on the Gripen NG)?

    8. Is the EJ-200 being offered with TVC? When will the decision of engine be announced?

    9. What are the AoA and MTOW limits for the Tejas with the F404IN and what will they be for the Mk2?


    10. Is DRFM part of the Tejas' current or future EW suite?

    11. What are HAL's plans with regard to an indigenous AESA radar, integrated IRST and other features like conformal fuel tanks?

    12. Is any modification of the airframe likely?

    13. How many Tejas trainers has the IAF ordered or is likely to order?

    14. How far can HAL ramp up the production rate for the Tejas?


    1. What is the HAL's annual MKI production rate?

    2. How many MKIs has HAL delivered so far?

    3. How many are in service with the IAF today?(Not a HAL question, but maybe they have an idea)

    4. Will the MKI's mid-life upgrade be carried out at HAL or in Russia?

    5. Can HAL provide any further information on the MKI upgrade?


    1. Is the MiG-27 being retired or will the IAF put it through an upgrade?

    2. Was the MMR ever an option for the Jaguar and MiG-27's radar instead of the EL/M-2032? If so why was it rejected?

    3. Information on the DARIN-III upgrade would be very welcome.

    4. What is HAL's participation in the MiG-29 upgrade? What is its status and when is it expected to complete?


    1. How many Dhruvs have been delivered to the IA and IAF so far and how many more are on order?

    2. How many of those orders are for the weaponized Dhruv?

    3. What has been the result of the investigation into the Ecuadorian crash? Has a replacement been ordered or offered?

    4. Has an expected follow-on order from Turkey been placed for the Dhruv?


    1. Has the IP sharing ratio been finalized between UAC/Ilyushin and HAL for the MTA/IL-214?

    2. Can HAL provide any specifics for its 25% contribution to the FGFA? Besides airframe composites what is it involved in?

    3. Can HAL provide any details on the FGFA? Does it for example have three/five radar arrays as is rumored?


    I hope you can find out atleast some of those answers.

    Thank you very much and I hope you have a pleasant trip.

  28. Yeah, a few actually :

    1. Now that the IJT is a success, does the HAL intend to develop a truly modern AJT/Light Attack Aircraft like the Yak-130 capable of providing quality training for 4.5 and 5th generation fighters, to increase the level of indigenisation in the IAF, thereby reducing foreign dependence on such a critical platform.

    ( No offence meant to the venerable BAe Hawk, but the last time I heard, it's licensed production had gone into a tailspin!!)

    2. When are the Light Utility Helicopter and the Indo-Russian MRTA expected to make their respective maiden flights?

  29. When will the weaponised Dhruv be available?

  30. Hi Ajai, I have a few.

    a. Is AAR part of the IOC specification? If so, which LSP will have the AAR probe and plumbing?

    b. Are all the envelope expansion tests planned for IOC complete? What about the spin recovery tests? Are the planned for IOC or FOC?

    c. Do we have any dates for RADAR guided missile tests? :-)

  31. Hi Ajai,
    I have been following your blog for long but this is the first time I will be posting some comment.

    Can you kindly enquire about the LUH project.
    A mockup of that was displayed during LCH flight but till recently it was reported that HAL is searching foreign partners for the project(Unable to find any HAL decide to go alone).
    Have they already frozen the design? what are the time lines?

  32. Ajay,

    Quries on LCA
    1. What are the plans to reduce the RCS of LCA
    2. How far has the integration of the MMR Radar come to


  33. Ajai,

    Please find out if HAL intends to make a retractable landing gear version of the Light Combat Helicopter, as this will bring the radar signature significantly.

  34. Will the engines for mk2 be selected quickly or do they require few more decades to do that?

  35. Yes.
    Ask abt comparing Lch with ah64d in detail I know both belongs to diff. Class just want to know how strong lch is? Ofcourse technicaly in detail.where does it stand in the queue.
    Some other quest
    1 when hal wil start workng on new helicopter bigger than alh dhruv similar to mi17.what abt ALH Mi17 russian are not very advance in carbon composit so what a light weightd mi17
    2 why dont hal makes a very smal helicoptr for special forces (sorry i forget mame its weight around .1-2ton . it used by us hrt,delta force).any plan
    3 does v22ospry inspires hal
    4 what abt an indigenious Ucav
    6 is't it necesary to instal a new instrument (angle warning to prevent ) after alh incident
    7 after Napalese,ongc.other alh hardlandings is it safe or not why so?
    8 hal workng on small uav (for squad operatng independently

    thats it thank yu
    warm regards

  36. Why does LCH has two front landing wheels and a rear landing wheel at the tail? Can these be accomodated as in the case of a MI-35,with retracting capability. I hope these may help to improve the stealth as well as reduce weight (by reducing the tail size).

  37. Hi Ajay,

    My questions-
    1)What parts of the FGFA(specifically) would India develop/help develop?

    2)What percent of components in the ALH in indigenous(designed & manufacture in India), was it sold to Myanmar?

    3)How far is our 'stealth' tech developed?


  38. How many F404 Engines have been delivered to HAL or are in HAL's possession.

    I ask this question because come end 2010, when the IOC is expected, I hope LCA programme does not get hit by Unkil's refusal to send the engines using one pretext or another.

  39. Please ask about the design Finalisation of tejas mk2. Also by what time should it be tested and Inducted? Also if there is any info about the kaveri, it was supposed to be tested in may.Lastly any info about the ongoing uav and ucav programs.

  40. Does HAL believe its is deliverying value to Indian Armed forces, as it seems to spread it's resources thin with many projects but very few visible results.

    Also, status on the BAe Hawk manufacture problems. Are they solved?

    Also, deliveries of SU-30MKI to IAF and modernization of older SU30MKI

  41. How successful is the LCH TD1 technical objectives that were set and that have been met?

    Also is weight trimming possible with further LCH prototypes?

    HAL did not give any official statement regarding DHRUV crash in Equador?

  42. IF not LCA than what is going on with AF-PAK MCA..:)

  43. ajai ji, is there any indication of refuelling probe on lca ?

  44. Aaah dhanya bhaag hamare

    Whether the MMR on-board Tejas is AESA or not. If possible milk out some info about the MMR & its capabilities.

    2/ Engine for Mk 2 should have been selected by March. What happened to that? What's the revised deadline set now?

    3/ What is the progress of the weight reduction of the LCH prototypes?

    4/ Shiv Aroor recently reported that they are scouting for other engines for the Light Utility Helicopter instead of using the Shakti engine as initially planned. Why?

    5/When do they plan to fly the LSP-5?

    6/HAL had cancelled a tender for the co-development of the Medium Lift helicopter in July last year for which Eurocopter and MIL had been shortlisted as partners. What is the present situation?

    That's it for now. If I remember more I'll post them later.

    Thank you!

  45. It's me again
    Are there any new orders for the Dhruv?

  46. Hey Ajai,

    This is good.

    Visit to HAL, I just wonder when I will get a chance.

    Anyway, one would certainly look for the details on the MMR now on the LCA.

    When is the next LSP scheduled to fly.

    A good detailed story on the LCA navy, we know it is delayed by the consulting stuff, but we know it's already on the rig, so is the first one going to roll out on time.

    When are the taxi runs?

    I will keep the question on the first flight based on that.

    When are they going to finalize the consultancy with EADS?

    Well, if IOC is by December for LCA , and the first of the IOC certified LCA ready for induction into the IAF for the FOC, what is the status on the production of the same? Specially since it is said it will be done by March 2011( any delay on that will not be acceptable).

    Will expect some good pics of the LCH.

    What is state of the HELINAG? ( If HAL has any information on the same).

    There was this mockup of the LUH, Any details on if the engine is finalized?

    We know how the design of LCH changed after years, has the government actually finalized a go ahead on the LUH?

    When are they planning to freeze the final design.

    When is the first batch of IJT being handed over to the IAF?

    Any weapons testing done yet?

    What are the weapons scheduled to be tested on the IJT?

    When is HAL planning to work with ADA on the LCA MK2?

    What is the status on the engine selection?

    What other changes are being planned for the new version? Asking you since need a reliable answer on this, have heard of all news around, need some confirmation.

    Well, that's a long list , not too many specific questions, would really love to get answers for these however.

    Wish to see your post soon.

  47. What happened to Saras, is it scrapped or undergoing redesign ... it was a promising project for HAL, building foundations for foraying into commercial airline production ultimately?

  48. Current status and update on Dhruv for Turkey

  49. HI Ajay,

    Please bring something on

    1. What are the expansion plans for HAL. I strongly feel that they should expand/get new plants as well as more work force.
    2. Are they looking forward for new partners? what kind of help or plans GOI has for aeronautic education sector? to support HAL and how HAL is currently involved in education(which will help them get quality workforce for future) or how is it going to be involved?

  50. MR ajay

    what is the progress on Tejas MK-2 ?

    Will MK-2 have changes in wing design or air intakes ?

    when will the first test flight of mk-2 is expected ?

    is Work on AMCA has begun ?

    vinayak shetty

  51. Hi Ajai,
    Please ask
    1. Has any other country shown intrest in purchasing PAK-FA/FGFA.
    2. How many FGFA IAF will purchase.
    3. Will Irbis-e be replaceing N-011m Bars in new sukhois.
    4. R-73 md and R-77 sd are ready, so does Mig-29 Upgraded, initial 20 LCA and new Sukhois be using them as their primary WVR/BVR weapons or they will conitnue with older versions?

  52. Dear Mr. Shukla,

    I just want to know

    1)When will the Tejas Mk-2 first fly? Will it fly within the time-frame of 2014? Will the airframe or the fuselage undergo major changes due to the change in engine? Has the design of Tejas Mk-2 been finalized? Please give some info on the design of the Tejas Mk-2?

    2)Will the Kaveri engine power later versions of Tejas?

    3)Has the overweight problem of the Tejas been solved? Will the Naval Tejas be of required weight?

    4)When will the Engine for Mk 2 be selected?

    5)There is a media report that 40 SU-30MKI will be upgraded with new radar and mission computer etc. What sort of radar will that be? Will it be an AESA?Will they have conformal L-band AESA on their wings and also integrated defensive aid suite like MAYAWI? Will the rest of the indigenous MKIs have these improvements too?

    Please answer some of these questions specially on Tejas mk-2.

    Thank you.

  53. My questions:

    1. More info on the MMR radar. What is the status? What is the actual Indian contribution and what is Israeli contribution?

    2. How is the LCA performance with the GE IN20 engine?

    3. Has the weight savings been acheived?

    4. Has Air-to-Air missiles fired using the radar?

    5. Has there been any progress on the engine selection for LCA?

    6. Has the LCA reached designed max angle of attack of 25 deg? What about max altitude and max G?

    7. Specs for the LCA mk-II

    8. Status of IJT? How many orders on hand? How is the test progressing? When will the first batch be handed over to IAF?

    9. What are the milestones reached on LCH? What is the flight envelope explored so far?

    10. Why is weaponised Dhruv taking such a long time?

  54. Q. There is a problem with indian material science research. Most of our products are overweight, some are lacking critical technologies such as single crystal blade technology. We need light weight high strength composites and advanced manufacturing technologies. Don't you think HAL and DRDO together should start a separate dedicated research agency which would take care of research in these fields ?

  55. when can we except Nirbay variant in submarines (either in arihant varient or scorpone variant)& Suhoki?

  56. sir plz collect the data about the status of fgfa/pakfa.If it is a 50-50 jnt venture then how India get access to 25% of development and what are the specific area of design & development where Indian inputs are required . And most importantly where their priliminary design contract will be signed with ruskis.

  57. Thanks for the opportunity! Assuming you will also go to ADA...sorry in advance if I am wrong.

    1) What is the exact composition of the MMR? What are the non-indigenous components? What is the future path for the MMR (there are reports that the next batch after the first 40 LCAs will get AESA MMR). How many targets can this MMR detect and track, at what range and what size targets?
    2) Which AA missiles will be integrated and tested as part of IOC configuration?
    3) What kind of capacity is HAL creating for LCA production? What is the envisaged rate of production per year?
    4) How is the new RWR and EW suite put into LSP-4 different from the existing ones?

    1) How does HAL intend to reduce weight? What are the main targets for weight reduction? What is the time-line for the same?
    2) Any plans to reduce the glass area around the cockpit to make it less vulnerable? Is the glass currently bullet-proof? Is yes, to what level? If no, wouldn't that indicate a further increase in weight?

    1) The mock-up displayed recently looked like a mini-Dhruv. Is the design final, and is it same as the displayed mock-up?

  58. Hi Ajai,

    Can you please ask about the differences in the Gripen and the HAL airframe designs? Why does the Gripen have a higher top-speed (Mach 2 while the LCA has a max achieved speed of Mach 1.6?

    Also, what is the max Angle of Attack achieved?

    How many gs max has the LCA pulled?

    What is the upgrade path for the LCA? What features will be added?

    Does HAL have confidence in LRDE's ability to build a top of the line AESA or are they going to get the Israeli AESA?

    What is the status of the Kaveri? When will it be mated with a LCA airframe? How does the kaveri compare with the GE404IN20?

  59. - Does ADA/HAL have a roadmap for integrating an AESA radar on the LCA? If yes, will it be an ELTA radar or a NIIP/Zhuk radar?
    - What is the status/plans for integrating the ASTRA with the LCA?
    - Is there a plan to install an OLS sensor on the LCA? Details will be appreciated.
    - With modifications done to the airframe and new equipment added to the aircraft how are the performance numbers looking?
    - On the LCH, details on EM shielding/hardening would be nice
    - What's the deal with the Rustom UAV? When is the next flight test scheduled?

  60. The current ALH is a beautiful piece of machinery.

    Some parts need reworking to make it more beneficial for all the forces.

    As it stands now, the gearbox needs total reworking to fully use the new more powerful shakti engine.

    1. What plans are there to rework this gearbox issue.

    2. continuing in the same vein, there is 25% growth left in the shakti class of engines. There is potential to work on ALH mk-2 which can be around 7 to 7.8 tons. This will allow a higher payload and possibly an extended loiter time which will fit *almost* all of coastguard and naval requirements for a while in the light class.

    This rework will also benefit LAH category by allowing more armour to be added to required areas.

    3. What steps are we taking to ensure that we keep the shakti engine common in the LUH and ensuring that the new off the shelf 197 new helicopters required by the army *also* come with the same shakti engine as well. This will simplify maintainance in the field very very significantly.

    4. What is going on the MRH category. Are we planning on waiting on a partner ? Can we not proceed on our own in this space ? There is a requirement of more than 200 helicopters in the next 10 years.

    What else are we doing to keep our edge in the helicopter business to compete with the best in its class.

  61. Specifics of the weight issues of LCH and how they r planning to tackle it. And what percentage of it indigenous currently.

  62. Hello Mr Shukla

    If possible , get the details regarding su30mki upgrade confusion . Which new system/radar/avionics/Mfds are doing rounds in whole world without any proof

    Would be great help

  63. i dont think they ever made public about what went wrong with the sukhoi that crashed?

  64. Number of SU30MKI, BAE Hawk manufactured.

  65. Ajai,
    Is there a visit planned to NAL anytime? What progress is being made with the Saras programme especially after some serious design issues pointed by the DGCA in its accident report.
    Recently there was some media report suggesting that NAL may take up a regional commercial 70-90 seat airtplane as well as a 4-6 seat general aviation airplane. Are they confident of succeeding in these programmes given the flaws in the current Saras programme.
    Thank You

  66. -Lots of High -Res pics of our flying beauties like Tejas, LCH & WSI Dhruv for us jingoes if you will.

    -Status of the radar of Tejas and its future growth path (AESA etc.)

    -Upgrade road-map of Su-30 MKI. Any Mid-life upgrades in the offing ?

    -Update on DARIN-III update of Jaguars.

    -Update on indigenous AEW program from CABS.

    -Info on civilian transport programs of NAL including back to flight status of SARAS.

    -Progress on flight tests of KAVERI and its future roadmap. Status of Tejas MK-2 engine selection.

  67. What is the final radar selected for LCA?
    Also, what is the final weight of the aircraft?

  68. 1) What are the significant structural and technical differences (if any) between LCA Mk1 and LCA Mk2? Will the Mk 2 have an AESA radar? When will flight trials begin on the Mk2?

    2) What will be the production rate of the LCA? What is the current production rate of the Sukhoi Su 30MKI?

    3) Regardless of who wins the MMRCA, does the HAL have plans to infuse it with other indigenous and foreign avionics and equipment to make it better like the Su 30MKI?

    4) Are there any export possibilities of the LCA and LCH once in full production?

  69. Thanks a lot for taking our questions.  

    I would like to knw what is maximum production capacity for Su 30MKI and ALH at the moment ?

    How much time do they take to build one from scratch ? 

    In the event of war are they capable to increase their output drastically in  practically term rather than theoritical terms?

    And can they and have they tried to reduce the net production time of an aircraft by tryig to buld it faster? 

    These issue might not be of importance now but if we go at war they may be important factors. 

    The battep of midway was won by Americans cause with sheer industrial might and capability they repaired a heavily damaged carrier in less than two days which played a very cruical role in enabling Americans to sink 4 japnese carrier with just there of their own. 

    Also would like to know in case of war is it possible to have a producion facility which is more immune to Ariel raids and precission strike wepons.  

    Like underground production facility


  70. Dear Ajai Shukla, Could you please ask the HAL people as to " What is the DRY WEIGHT of LCA in its FINAL CONFIGURATION. For a Year I have been trying to find out this Information. None is able to give me the correct Number. Please........get this information for me. I will be very grateful.

  71. Status of India's Medium Combat Aircraft project

  72. Ask them whether critical buttons of which were located behind pilots were relocated in the Su-30mki and what's the degree of indigenisation.thxss

  73. Hello sir,
    Since many questions are repeated. I have only one question, What is the status of 10-ton class HAL Medium Lift Helicopter?

  74. how many production lines does HAL have/will be having exclusively for LCA and how many aircrafts can they build per year ?

    Which engine ( EF200 or GE414 ) do they prefer ?

  75. Hi Ajai,

    Could you ask about updates on the AMCA program.

    1)When do they plan to officially kick start it?

    2)Also our Stealth technology capabilities like RAM coatings etc.

    looking forward to ur post

  76. Please ask them if the LOH/LUH would have a ducted tail rotor

  77. what is the difference between LCA and the Gripen NG? why go for the Gripen if it is very close in characteristics as the LCA or vise versa?

  78. When are they going to integrate the in-flight refueling probe on the LCA?

  79. When timeline does HAL see for the complete Indianization of LCA/LCH?

    Is there a timeline to begin with?

  80. soon can we expect to see lca in the iaf livery(post IOC)?

    2. when will they decide on the next engine for lca(timeframe)? they plan to mass produce LCA when they do not have industry support structure in place?

    4. more on astra bvr missile integration on tejas.

    thats all for now :)

  81. HAL has successfully delivered the shakti engine and light helicopter to the nation. So Its the appropriate time to go ahead to developed a new "Powerful Turbo-Shaft Engine" and "Medium Weight Helicopter" just like MCA project. Please ask them whether these proposals are in their agenda? We Hindustanis are waiting anxiously for those days......

  82. Has coordination with the end user(the air-force and the army) improved in recent times.
    If so how....

  83. What is the latest position on LCA?

  84. Only 2 Question.
    1) Is the Medium Combat Aircraft Design freezed, when will the first prototype roll out of HAL Hangar.
    2) Is the HAL Dhruv Weaponised version inducted into the Army.

  85. Just one question for them.
    What the hell wrong with them ? whatever they produce is of cheap quality, why they do not admit their mistakes. Why they are so jealous from private sector and always stop them from participation. And last and not least, Are they filled with all RESERVATION candidates ?

  86. Can it be said that JAS-39-Gripen is very similar to Tejas Mk1 (except the canards) and also that Gripen-IN is very similar to Tejas Mk2 (except the canards).

    If the above is anywhere near the truth, then the Tejas Mk1 & Mk2 shall be built in largest possible numbers (may be total 60+140=200).

  87. Hi,

    1) What is HAL doing about PAK-FA? How much is the Indian side contributing to this project?

    2) LCA-MarkII what is going on with it. LSP04 just did its maiden flight but seems Air-force is more interested in MKII

  88. so what happ to your blore visit and answers to our questions?

  89. so were you not allowed in?

  90. No reply for our questions.
    I meant were you not allowed-in to ask questions?
    They just gave some press release or what.

    Do Please post your reply on this as I have given lot of questions to you

  91. Your questions?

    The answers will emerge gradually in the article that I write...

    Patience plz.


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