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Saturday 10 October 2009

India's missile programmes: stand by for updates, to be posted on Broadsword!


  1. Hope it is not bad news....

  2. I hope it's on the Nirbhay!

  3. Does this include PAD & AAD?

  4. Ajai,

    Can you do an Article on our Defenceless Minister Shri AK Antony. From the way he has been working I cannot see any direction in India's defence preparedness. All that I hear about is deals being cancelled and companies being blacklisted. Strangely enough American companies seem to making some big time inroads into the Indian defence market with little competition. What is in his mind?

  5. something on Nirbhay?

  6. If India's missile programmes has its self-imposed moratorium not to develop ICBMs of a longer reach as those in the Chinese inventory, then it is evident that the GOI and MOD are still bent on pleasing the Chinese at India's peril.

    Any potent and dreaded missile takes a long period of time to design, test and validate all parameters before induction. As such Indian scientists should be given the green light to start the development phases and not wait until those missiles are urgently needed to retaliate if hostilities get started.

    China or for that matter Pakistan would not wait until India has a full arsenal of missiles for any eventuality.

    We may not go for pre-emptive strikes. That is still not in our psyche but it does not hurt to be well prepared. The self-imposed, "No First Use of Nuclear Weapons" is in itself a declaration of a defensive mindset.

    Anyway hope to read some very positive and insightful articles on the missile programme.

  7. Yeah I am still waiting for any updates on Nirbhay

  8. Ajaiji, hvaing woken up from your (blogging) hibernation, you seem to be covering the developments sector by sector in groups of articles.

    Well, October is here. Time for mahabharat to start all over, with the Arjun going after Bhishma again.

    Hope you cover this also soon,in a dedicated article on the Arjun tank. Please also let us know about the new turret and new engine being developed by CVRDE / DRDO.

    I hope, this time around Arjun defeats Bhishma without needing a modern day Shikhndi.

  9. Nothing for the Nirbhay fans. You will hear about progress on the Nirbhay when there is something significant to report.

    You might like to remember that the fundamental technologies that will be deployed on the Nirbhay are all already in place.

  10. @ broadsword, all in place ?

    what about the engine ?

  11. I hope it is on ICBM..surya.....let it be isro indicated about the engine.

  12. Anon @11 October 2009 18:40
    The nirbhay will be powered by the NPO Saturn 36MT turbofan. Read the rest here

  13. Ajai Sir,

    Why is there so much quiet about the LCA testing since the last month. If you look at the ADA website flight status, its only in this month since 11th September, that there has been a delay of close to a month before any flight test getting reported.

    What about the PV5, LSP3 and the trainer version. I was checking your reports on the programme and it comes across that a lot, if not most of the work on these prototypes had been completed in end 2008!! So what is stopping ADA from flight testing them.

    There has also been no news in a long time about the IJT except the first flight with the Russian engine many months back. Again hardly any information about WSI Dhruv flight testing.

    I am asking you these questions since you have written articles about Naval LCA and LCH in this period so there has to be some information that you can share and if not, why the silence?.

    Also, i am sure you would be keeping tabs on the Arjun programme considering your own interest, so request you to at least mention some details regarding the comparative trials.

    Warm Regards

  14. pakis are in process of getting full tot of missiles needed to attack whole india even the most southern part kanyakumari but

    when will our babus open their eyes to make full range of icbms to cover whole chinki land

  15. Anonymous said...

    Anon @11 October 2009 18:40
    The nirbhay will be powered by the NPO Saturn 36MT turbofan. Read the rest here

    11 October 2009 20:39

    ya anon, prasun is taking you and other gullible folk for a ride.

    that article is pure bull$hit, a figment of his imagination.

  16. any thing on Astra AAM?

  17. any thing on Astra AAM?


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