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For over 14 years, Broadsword has been one of the most credible and respected blogs on defence and security in South Asia and the Indo-Pacific region. It continues to provide a steady stream of news and analysis on India’s defence economy and New Delhi’s defence procurement and production policies.

Since 2006, Broadsword has featured over 2,200 blogposts, each one of them a piece of original writing by the host, Ajai Shukla. Almost all these pieces have been published as a news or opinion piece in Business Standard, a well-respected and widely-read business daily newspaper. The blog also features Ajai’s articles in The New York Times, Guardian, South China Morning Post and other reputed international publications.

Broadsword has built up a dedicated following, including decisionmakers in several governments and defence industry executives. Among the thousands of Broadsword's daily visitors are military officers of all ranks and key officials in the Indian defence ministry. Many of India’s current defence procurement and production policies originated as analysis in Broadsword. 

All these years, Broadsword has never put articles behind a paywall, even though much of its content requires paid subscription to read on Business Standard’s website. Now, the same blog, hosted on an attractive new website, will start accepting limited advertising. This is to allow Broadsword’s readers to continue accessing high-quality content for free, while remaining committed to factual reportage and impartial and unbiased analyses.

Advertising will be carried on banners at the top and middle of the home page, on shoulder spaces on the right and in between articles. There will be no intrusive pop-up banners. 

With the government having announced that Aero India 2021 will be held in Bengaluru (Bangalore) from 3rd to 5th February 2021, you and your marketing teams might like to consider placing advertisements in the Broadsword website for the inevitable spike in visitors from the decision-making community.

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